Struggling with Maths?

Struggling with maths?

We understand children do not all have the same aptitudes, attain the same skills or require precisely the same knowledge. In a classroom situation


Find a VCE Tutor

Find a VCE Tutor

Learn how to study smarter to achieve the outstanding ATAR scores you deserve and that will make your family proud.


Give your child a head start!

GradeAID always provides a high level of tutoring service, showing empathy and respecting the needs of students from different learning styles and abilities.


Welcome to GradeAID

GradeAID is a registered professional tutoring company operating across most of Melbourne. We provide tuition from Primary to Secondary level in accordance with the educational needs and individual learning styles of our students, while taking into account the students' stages of development. 

Most importantly, we offer most VCE subjects including Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Economics and Information Technology with regular assessments and tests to build students' confidence and prepare for VCE exams to achieve outstanding ATAR scores.

Most of GradeAID tutors are Victorian registered teachers and are dedicated to help students develop the confidence and competence to perform more effectively in the classroom and enhance their learning outcomes.

Customers Feedback

My grades have increased and are staying consistent

Thanks to my tutor I feel more confident at school and am now ahead of my class. My grades have increased and are staying consistent.

Senthy - Year 11

This has really given me a huge confidence boost

Within a few months of beginning tutoring I have seen a dramatic increase in my test and exam results. This has really given me a huge confidence boost.

Tehana - Year 9

Maths no longer presents a challenge for me

I hated Maths, but thanks to my tutor, Maths no longer presents a challenge for me. Thanks GradeAID!

Year 9 student from Rowville, Vic

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